Video Interview: Chadwick Parker

For those who don't know him Chadwick Parker is a bit of a kickstarter legend. With kickstarter campaigns that have reached nearly 200k in backer dollars its safe to say that we got some good advice from this veteran. We were fortunate enough to hear his stories about getting his first products produced and all of the different issues that come up. He told us how important it is to keep things simple, something that had resinated with me moving forward. 

Chadwick was also a great interviewee since he has launched kickstarter campaigns that were in very competitive markets. For example we asked him about his various pen campaigns and what it was like to stand out in a competitive market. He gave us some very honest advice saying "If we don't like it we don't use it so we won't make it". I was inspired by this quote and began to look at my own product differently. I began designing the things from my dreams.